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Flexbox and more changes!

So, just last week I was saying a bunch of changes I had made, well, this is not gonna be as long, it's just some little updates.

New layout (again)

A screenshot of the posts page
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Yes, as you see, and as you probably saw to see this article. A new tweak for the layout, on desktops, you get more space used which is pretty good, really. I'm not sure how I like how it messes a little bit with how linear it was but it works and it's still quite easy to manage.

Related pages

I'm not sure what to say, I'm putting articles at the bottom of articles so people can discover new content from other people or my older content. Kind of similar to webrings but well, more curated in a way.


I'm quite scared and stressed about this but I do want to let it out. It'll take time and courage but I'll do it.

More appropriate links

Old links will be broken, sorry about that but I think the new ones better fit the content.

Anyways, I'll try to stop redesigning so much and creating so much meta content. Sorry.

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